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The Sugar Detox Solution

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Much of this could be attributed to the amount of sugar in your diet. The Sugar Detox Solution will educate you on detoxing your body from this harmful toxin in only 30 days.

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Is Sugar Dragging You Down? Do You Feel Sluggish And Sick All The Time?

Dr. Eric & Dr. Katie Snow have created this ground breaking online course to guide you through detoxing your body from sugar and getting your diet on the right track for the long term.


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Kick Those Sugar Cravings For Good

This program will teach you to remove hidden sugars from your diet, balance your hormones, heal your adrenals and feel great every single day.

Have More Energy

A balanced body functions properly. Removing sugar from your diet will balance your blood sugar and remove crashes caused by spikes.


Reduce Inflamation

When the cells in your body are inflamed, they are more prone to disease. Fight back against inflammation by detoxing from sugar.


Burn More Fat

A body free of sugar will begin to balance out fast. This can lead to more efficient digestion & begin burning more fat.


With The Sugar Detox Solution You Can...

Don't Take Our Word For It

Here are just a few of the amazing success stories with our Sugar Detox Solution. Real people are getting real results with our program.

Our Passion Is Helping People Get Healthy

For more than a decade we have been helping people become healthy again at our private practice. For the first time ever we are now offering the same programs online.


What To Expect With The Sugar Detox Solution

During this 30 day program you will be learning the fundamentals of blood sugar, healthy mindset, meal planning and more. Guided directly by Dr. Eric and Dr. Katie Snow via engaging video lessons and assignments.

Over 15 Educational Videos With Dr. Eric & Dr. Katie Snow

Packed with tons of videos, knowledge, tips, recipes and supplement recommendations to transform your health, this series will get you ready to feel great and have more energy!


Access To Powerful Supplements To Assist In Your Health Makeover

As a member of eHolisticHealth’s Sugar Detox course, you will have access to the supplements they have used for over 12 years to support the body’s systems in order to create real changes.

Our Best Selling Book "Eat & Be Well"

Just for joining the foundations course, you will receive an instant download copy of our groundbreaking health book “Eat & Be Well: How to Use Food to Maximize Energy, Boost Brain Power, and Get Out of Pain”.

Sugar Free Dessert Cookbook

Just because you're now eating sugar free doesn't mean you cant also enjoy some desserts! In this bonus we lay out 18 Recipes for sugar free desserts. Enjoy!

Exclusive Access To Our Private Facebook Support Group.

Interact with your peers, share your experiences and ask questions to other people going through the same battle as you with sugar.

Frequently Asked Questions

With this program you will get access to 12 ground breaking educational videos from Dr. Snow that will teach you to identify and remove sugar from your diet. This interactive course comes with supporting materials, worksheets and a free copy of Dr. Snow's best selling book "Eat and Be Well"

The Sugar Detox Solution is designed to be completed over a 30 to 45 day time period, but removing and keeping sugar out of your diet is a life long endeavor :)

There are 12 interactive lessons and other supporting material

Access is to the courses only, however, there are private consultations available with both Dr. Eric and Dr. Katie. Click on the Consultations link above for more information. You will also have access to regular group coaching calls & webinars with Dr. Snow on Zoom.

There is a link in the members area to order supplements which will support your success in the program. Follow the prompts to place your items in the cart and checkout and your supplements will be on their way.

What Are You Waiting For?

Endless energy and the body you deserve are just waiting for you. Take action now and save more than $300 on this program.


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