Do you believe you would live a more meaningful
life of purpose if you were healthier?

Your vitality is built on a foundation of the essential principles of health and wellbeing. While there are more than 30,000 named diseases, true health is more than the temporary alleviation of the symptoms associated with these disorders. In our practice With this philosophy, we use a comprehensive approach which we call the Nine Foundations of Health Building.


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Most people want to feel more energetic and enjoy optimal health but struggle to achieve it. With our programs, we help people transform their health so that they have more energy for life and the people they share it with.


True health enables you to be all that you were destined to be, and so much more!

Most people want to feel more energetic and enjoy optimal health but struggle to achieve it. With our programs, we help people transform their health so that they have more energy for life and the people they share it with.

Have More Energy

A body that is balanced functions properly and has more energy for exercise and doing activities with the people around them.

Laugh More Often

When you remove immune burdens and improve your sleep, your body naturally feels better, giving you more joy and excitement in life.

Move Better

 When the cells in your body are inflamed, they are more prone to disease and our movement is restricted. Fight back against inflammation with our proven strategies.

With The Foundations Of Health You Can...

Don't Take Our Word For It

Here are just a few of the amazing success stories from people who have transformed their health with our Foundations Program. Real people are getting real results with our proven program.

True health will only be achieved when the Foundations of Health Building have been assessed and strengthened

To live the best life, we need to be deliberate about everything we do, everything we think about, everything we say, everything we commit our time to, and very importantly, every decision we make including what we choose to eat.

Nervous System

Learn to increase the communication between the nervous system and all the other systems of the body.

Digestive Health

Poor digestion can lead to many illnesses, many of which are misdiagnosed and untreated.

Immune Challenges

Here we focus on building up bodily defenses for response to stressors & the rigors of daily life.

Endocrine Health

Hormones are the most powerful control system of your body and when balanced activate your systems of repair and healing.

Adrenal Balance

Properly reducing stress from unhealthy lifestyle habits, immune burdens, and emotions is essential to promoting health.

Nutrient Balance

Organic minerals and trace minerals are pivotal in virtually every metabolic function of the body and need balancing.

Circulatory Health

Your blood carries essential nutrients to all of your cells and brings waste products back for purification.


Toxins from our environment, food additives, and various items disguised as food, can over-burden this system.

Ongoing Healthy Lifestyle

Living a lifestyle in harmony with nature and Natural Laws helps you to achieve your fullest health potential.

Sleep Quality

Getting good quality sleep allows our body to clean up, reboot and rebalance hormones.

Glycemic Control

Properly controlling sugar intake and optimizing insulin levels keeps our hormones in harmony.

Mitochondrial Health

Improving the function of the powerhouse of each cell in our body is key to better metabolism.

Living a purposeful life is likened to a chain that connects one part of your life to another. If there is a weakness with one part of the chain, it automatically affects the other links.

What To Expect With The Foundations Courses

During this 365 day program you will be learning the fundamentals of blood sugar, healthy mindset, meal planning and more. Guided directly by Dr. Eric and Dr. Katie Snow via engaging video lessons and assignments.

Over 100+ Educational Videos With Dr. Eric & Dr. Katie Snow

Packed with tons of videos, knowledge, tips, recipes and supplement recommendations to transform your health, this series will get you ready to feel great and have more energy!

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As a member of eHolisticHealth’s foundations course, you will have access to the supplements they have used for over 12 years to support the body’s systems in order to create real changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With your membership, you have unlimited access to 100+ educational videos, downloadable guides for each section with recipes and recommendations, access to our professional line of supplements, our best-selling book “Eat & Be Well”, our Sugar-Free Dessert Cookbook, exclusive access to our private facebook group and much more!

There is not a free trial, however, the $99 per month fee is for a limited time and the value far outweighs the low monthly cost.

There are nine full courses and three short courses to start with and more in the making!

Access is to the courses only, however, there are private consultations available with both Dr. Eric and Dr. Katie. Click on the Consultations link above for more information. You will also have access to regular group coaching calls & webinars with Dr. Snow on Zoom.

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Is it possible to live a healthy drug-free life? YES! It starts with healthy food. Gandhi once said, “To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.”


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